Moira Fox

I would encourage anyone wanting to expand their acting chops to take this or any course Barbra offers! So much skill and conveyed in an easy to understand manner…..not to mention it is just so much darn fun (even when it’s hard work!)

Alexa Winchell
“Barbra French creates an incubator of excellence for every actor, from neophyte to expert. She invites, inspires and critiques with kindess, and is quick to offer imaginative options for us to experiment with.  Her method is practical, simple (“it’s all about action!”)  and playful; she coaxes innovation and daring from her students, and makes every moment an opportunity for learning.  “Oops!” moments become “Wow!” epiphanies. Most of all, she evokes joy, laughter,  and genuine collaboration with her example.  She’s a gem!”

Michael Robinson

“I’ve had the pleasure of being both work-shopped and taking classes with Barbra French. She shares her many years of experience with professionalism, compassion, humour and patience. Through group exercises and gentle coaching, she teaches by pushing you outside of your comfort limits. Her classes are fun, invigorating and you make great friends, too. I highly recommend her for both novice and experienced actors.”

Alan Watt & Maureen Molyneux

“We thoroughly enjoyed Barbra’s easygoing and open style of facilitating the classes.  She is rich in knowledge, talent and experience, and if she ever becomes frustrated with her students, it never shows!

Barbra is kind, patient, and respectfully direct – she creates a safe atmosphere of learning. She was able to offer us many different tools and well known methods in a short period of time, and it was up to us to take it farther if we chose.

Be prepared to work, this is not a class for sitting down and taking notes, this is a class about actively listening, being in the moment, and doing. Also, be prepared to have fun.”

Judy Lynx

“I was feeling somewhat discouraged and lost in terms of how I was feeling about acting. I am once again passionate and enthusiastic about learning and growing and looking for opportunities to perform.

I cannot wait to take Barbra’s advanced class! ”

Josee Duffhues
“I’ve spent time both on and off stage; I’ve had the good fortune of excellent instruction decades ago in university, but Barbra French’s approach to acting taught  me more than I’d managed to forget. I’m definitely going to be a stronger actor and better director after taking her course. ”
Brenda Clarke

“Barbra French is a fantastic acting teacher and coach. I am thoroughly enjoying my 10 week acting class with Barbara this spring. I have learned a great deal about acting theories, realities of performance, practise with improv, body and voice work and breath.

I appreciated the focus on “the moment on stage”, the basics of action/verbs vs. emotion and the support/tips for auditions. The class small group performance was fun, challenging with lots of coaching and teachable moments. I highly recommend this acting class. “

Tim Hornett

I thoroughly enjoyed this short glimpse into the performing side of theatre, which was a whole new experience for me, and for working with such a great group of people. Thanks very much for sharing some of the secrets from your extensive experience, and I look forward to continuing this journey some time in the future. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to take a first step on to a stage.

Wanda Badduke

I cannot praise Barbra at Vita Theatre enough for inspiring me. I began acting with many insecurities and reservations; however, her engaging, informative and interactive approach has helped me develop tools to utilize on stage. She creates a safe environment where you can easily explore the world of acting and step out of your comfort zone. A spark has been ignited in me and I can now put myself out there with confidence. I would recommend her classes to anyone who desires to act or further develop their craft. Thank you Barbra.”

Ian McFarlane

“Barbra taught me acting during my second year of University, when I was a very green and wide-eyed performer. She played a crucial role in constructing my foundations as an actor. I was introduced to a new level of discipline, involving thorough script analysis, real attention to the history of the characters and their relationships, as well as a need for complexity and dedication in my work. “

Barbra created a very trusting and loving environment…She knew how to push my limits while still feeding my enthusiasm. I continue to pull from the exercises, the lists of plays, the ways of approaching text and the inspiration that she fed me. This includes a passion to create my own work and a need for performance in my life.”

Lindie Last

“She is very intelligent with a talent for connecting with her students. I took both acting fundamentals and the upper level scene study… She ignites passion into her students and forces them to take ownership for their successes and failures as students.

I owe her for my post-grad successes.”

Sherry Lavoie

“Barbra brings an abundance of experience to the class, and she hits it  home in a nurturing, engaging, and meaningful way.”

Nick Schols

“I really enjoyed your course, you are very knowledgeable about what you teach and very enthusiastic.”

Deanna Attwood

“Barbra is so good at what she does and I have learned so much!  I highly recommend this class.”